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Frank and Rose Ann Heller Family
Milo, Iowa

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RoseHoch Back - Nicholas B Hoch, Rose Hoch, Jerome V Hoch
Front - Other two girls - unknown  possible cousins
        (Rose Hoch later married Frank Heller) HellerClan_1 Heller Family clan HellerNuns_2 Rev Hoch, Suzanna Agnes, Julia Rose, Marie Monica, Cecilia HellerNuns_3 Heller Sister Sisters (May 1967) SuzannaAgnesHeller Sister Mary Suzanna (Agnes) Heller, S.O.M.  1911-1975 SrBrittaHeller Sister Britta (Helen Francis) Heller, SOSF  1905-1996 SrRoselda_CeciliaHeller Sister Roselda (Cecilia) Heller SOSF  1916-1971 FrankHeller_1 Frank Heller (center) FrankHeller_Larry&Frank Lawrence, Frank, and John Heller  (l-r) RoseHeller&Girls_1935 Rose Heller & Girls 1935
Clars(?), Sr Britta, Sr Julia Rose, Rose Heller, Sr Marie Monica, Grace RoseHeller&SrBritta Rose Heller & Sr Britta  at SOSF Motherhouse in Milwaukee, WI RoseHeller&SrBrittaGraceAgnes Sr Britta, Grace, Agnes, & Rose Heller  at SOSF Motherhouse in Milwaukee, WI John&LarryHeller_ClaraK&Cecelia_Ed & MarilynKelly Lawerence & John Heller, Clara H Kelley & Cecelia H, Ed & Marilyn Kelly SrJuliaRose&SrMarieMonica Sr Julia Rose Heller & Sr Marie Monica Heller RoseHeller_SrBritta_Grace Rose Heller, Sr Britta Heller, Grace Heller SrsJuliaRose_Britta_MarieMonica Heller Sisters - Srs JuliaRose, Britta, & Marie Monica HellerFamily_5 Heller Family  (Milo, IA)  Early 1930's
1st row	Frank Heller,  Sr Britta, Rose Ann Heller
2nd row	Lawrence, Clara, Agnes, Cecilia, Grace
3rd row	Mary, John, Julia Rose HellerFamily_6 Heller Family Girls  (early 1930's)
Louise,(?), Clara, Julia Rose, Sr Britta, Agnes(?), Cecilia, Grace, Maria Monica HellerLawrence_Helen Lawrence Heller with Hellen Heller